Our expertise

Our expertise

La Milanaise produces a wide range of organic products. We offer professionals the option of speaking with one of our own bakers for advice on how to best create products that truly stand out.

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Since its founding, La Milanaise has been recognized as a leader in organic cereal grain processing in Canada. The pillars of our expertise are comprehensive and personalized technical support, sustainability practices, and a commitment to organic production. Our relationship with each and every one of our partners and seeing them succeed is a key part of our mission.


We work to create quality results, just like the artisans we serve. We’re passionate about milling grain to create exceptional, authentic products. And we take pride in providing consistent top-quality ingredients.


Our agronomy team provides farmers the support and knowledge they need to implement best practices in organic management. La Milanaise is proud to have helped produce organic products that have contributed to the sector’s growth and success over the years.

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