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Working with organic enzyme-free products can be a learning curve. La Milanaise can help you to get started and to rise to the challenge!

Technical assistance and training

Increase manufacturing efficiency with the help of our team of experts.

Product development

La Milanaise has the knowledge and skills to support you through every step of developing a new product. Partner with us on your innovative projects.

Private labels

Need help developing a house brand? With our BRC certification, adaptability and production capacity, we can help you get your brand operating as quickly as possible and make sure you’re delivering customers a premium product.

Rheology testing and technical resources

Our customer portal can provide you technical details, such as the baking parameters for each of our products.

Our bakery team

Our bakery team is always happy to answer questions and support you during product development.

Our food manufacturers

La Milanaise has become a Canadian leader in organic cereal grain processing thanks to the people who work with us. Our workers are passionate and dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge of their trade. That passion is fuelled by your ideas and your success.

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