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La Milanaise is a Quebec-based company that has been processing organic cereal grain for over 40 years. We process basic ingredients into premium products for professionals and consumers alike. As part of the value chain, we support the supply chain every step of the way, proudly producing 100% Canadian flour.


La Milanaise’s research and development team helps determine and target the characteristics we want in our grainand flour because every detail counts.

Our passion and attention to detail goes into every product, according to the highest food safety and quality standards. 

Using our years of experience to serve customers

“People often ask me where my passion for organic farming and milling comes from. The short answer is I’m a curious person. An extraordinary trip into the world of African agriculture in the early 1970s opened my eyes to the complexity of nature’s cycles. It also emphasized what an ambiguous relationship with the land we often have, and how that relationship truly defines us. Culture, in the broadest sense of the term, comes from agriculture, from our concerns, our worries and our love of food. For 40 years, I’ve been expanding on these reflections. My fascination for farming and the world of grain has only grown. We still have so much to learn about grain, yet it has been nourishing us for decades.”

– Robert Beauchemin, President of La Milanaise

Our products

La Milanaise offers a range of premium shelf-stable organic products that let you get creative.

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Innovation & expertise are at the heart of our company

Our core values are authenticity, attention to detail and dedication. They’re at the heart of our approach and an expression of our vision.
The Milanaise team is more than happy to support you in developing something new, whether it’s a manufacturing product or bakery item.

Our products

La Milanaise offers a range of premium shelf-stable organic products that let you get creative.

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With our expertise in farming, milling and baking, we can help you get your ideas off the ground and fine-tune the details.

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