About us

La Milanaise is a Québec-based company that has been processing organic cereal grain for over 40 years. We process basic ingredients into premium products for consumer or professional use.

Our mission

La Milanaise remains at the forefront of organic cereal grain processing. We’ve built a reputation based on our expertise, quality products, innovative vision and commitment to our customers.

Our vision

Our goal is to lead our industry as an organic and specialty grain processor, recognized for our signature products, artisanship and quality across products and throughout North America.

Our commitment

At La Milanaise, our priority is promoting organic farming and supporting its evolution. From the start, our founders have practised natural, ecological farming and encouraged other farmers to do the same.

Organic farming has grown across Quebec and Canada thanks to technological advances, and knowledge-sharing and exchange between growers.

For a number of years now, our specialized team has been developing a program with the ability to calculate and reduce organic-farming risks. This program was created in partnership with Les Moulins de Soulanges (Agriculture RaisonnéeTM certification) and allows us to help a large number of producers transition to organic farming. We care about the products we create and we know that quality starts in the fields. From the very start, this awareness has inspired our team to help the organic farming industry evolve locally and internationally. One of our greatest triumphs at La Milanaise has been sharing the success of organic farming with other producers.

For our customers

When you buy La Milanaise grains and flours, you’re helping change the agricultural landscape. Your purchases help us support Canadian producers transition to organic farming.

Our products are 100% organic. Non-GMO and glyphosate-free, our products are perfect for making simple, nutritious food. Our flour is milled right here in Québec at our Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu facility. 

For our artisan bakers

We are committed to offering products that will help bakers like you stand out. 

For La Milanaise, respect for our environment is a core value, which is why our products are 100% organic. We’re proud of playing an active role in helping farms make the transition to organic, supporting them in the process of implementing sustainable agricultural practices.

Offering consistent flour quality is also one of our priorities. Using rigorous production processes, we’re able to ensure that every bag of flour meets your expectations. We know that consistency is key to offering your customers quality products.

Our team is always here to answer questions, offer advice on what products best meet your baking needs and provide technical information on our products.

Supporting every link in the chain

La Milanaise is part of a value chain. Working this way means we’re aware of every worker at every level of production. It also means we can understand the realities and challenges of everyone involved. By working together, we can provide you with high-quality products that meet your needs.

Our team of agronomy specialists works with farmers to ensure the production of premium quality organic grain year after year.
With over 40 years of milling experience, La Milanaise has mastered different kinds of milling (stone milling, roller milling and pulverizing). All our millers are familiar with these techniques have extensive experience in the field.
Artisan bakers and food manufacturers
La Milanaise offers superior-quality organic basic ingredients and technical support tailored to specific needs.
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Our priority is being able to provide quality products that meet our customers’ needs.


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The launch of a new farming business: towards sustainable practices

The Beauchemin family started out on a 400-acre farm in Milan, Quebec. They wanted to develop a diversified farm that sold lamb and grain. From the very beginning, organic farming without chemical fertilizers or pesticides was the focus. The family were forerunners of the organic movement, at a time when the term “organic” was not commonly used or understood.
Despite fellow farmers warning them against it, they decided to go ahead with farming organic wheat. Initially, the Beauchemin family only sold their products to health food cooperatives, which were the only customers interested at the time. In 1979, a small mill was built on the farm and the family added something new to their offering: flour.

Milling our grain

Lily and Robert saw the potential of natural stone-ground flour, despite the relatively small market for it. In 1982, the company incorporated and began to expand. A small flour mill and a stone grain mill were set up on the farm. Two years later, market demand had already surpassed the farm’s production capacity.
Partnering with a group of farmers in the Eastern Townships, the Beauchemin family continued to engage in sustainable agriculture, taking on the “organic” label. By 1985, organic farming was growing in popularity, and Robert and Lily helped establish the very first organic certification program in Canada.

Company expansion

Lily and Robert had to relocate their operations as they outgrew their space, moving to an industrial building on the edge of the village of Milan. A fourth mill was installed, raising milling capacity to nearly 45 tonnes per day. That same year, the Government of Quebec made the term “organic” a reserved designation.
In 1999, the flour mill joined forces with the Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre. The farm was able to offer a diverse range of flour thanks to new research and innovation. Products like organic spelt, Khorasan and buckwheat flour gave artisan bakers new possibilities.

Expansion of the Milan facility

La Milanaise had a wide range of products at the time, but white flour was not yet one of them. After a roller mill was installed, the facility could finally start producing organic unbleached white flour. A new laboratory was also set up at the Milan facility to analyze the different types of ground flour.

A fourth expansion

With a view to further increasing production capacity, a second roller mill and automated packaging line were installed at the Milan facility, marking its fourth expansion. La Milanaise also established a team of agronomic specialists to support organic producers and farms transitioning to organic. The company also opened a test bakery in Milan and a grain centre in Lac-Mégantic.

A new facility in Saint-Jean

With the construction of a new state-of-the-art facility, La Milanaise became one of the largest organic flour mills in the country. Backed by an expert team, strong customer relationships and quality products, La Milanaise has become a household name across North America.