Organic wheat flour

Produits: Organic Tipo ʺ00ʺ Pizza Flour

Organic Tipo ʺ00ʺ Pizza Flour

Proteine 12.8 % ± 1 %
Equivalent: T50

Tipo ”00” flour has the characteristic of making the dough much softer. It is sifted to remove all bran, to obtain a white flour, and does not undergo any bleaching treatment. The term 00 comes from the classification of flour according to its ash content, i.e. the flour’s level of whiteness.
This pizza flour is perfect for Italian-style pizza lovers who use a long fermentation process. It produces a beautiful crust and well-structured honeycomb.


Retail customers

Available formats

1 kg - 5 kg


This flour is recommended for: calzones, focaccias and pizzas.

Shelf Life

Storage : 12 to 18 month