Organic flakes

Produits: Organic Quick Oat Flakes

Organic Quick Oat Flakes

Proteine N/A
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Organic quick oats can be used in a variety of ways. The most common is as oatmeal for breakfast. You can also use them in your favorite baking recipes, such as breads, cookies and muffins. The possibilities are endless.
Organic quick oats cook faster than regular organic oats.
Contrary to popular belief, oats are not gluten-free. It does not contain gliadin, which causes digestion problems in celiacs, but it does contain avenin. What’s more, oats are one of the cereals most at risk of cross-contamination with gluten, during harvesting or transport, for example.


Retail customers

Available formats

500 g - 1 kg


Ideal for cookies, pancakes, muffins and breads.

Shelf Life

Storage : 3 to 6 month