Sales Points

Where to find and sample Milanaise products

Refer to the map below to find retailers that sell our products. We strongly recommend that you call the store first before heading there in person, in order to make sure that your product is available—since some businesses do not offer our full range of products.

This map will also help you to find bakeries or other establishments that use La Milanaise products to prepare their products. Find bakeries near you and treat yourself to a tasty tidbit made by professional bakers.

      Want to order in larger quantities?

      We give consumers the option to order in larger quantities. Certain flours are available in 20 kg formats by special order through Avril grocery stores or by asking a artisan baker if he agrees to sell you or order this format. You can also order them online via the website we are in the organic & gluten free flours section.

      To place a special order, you must contact the responsible person at your grocery store and ask them to place a special order for you. You’ll need to tell the person which product you want and the quantity you want to order, and they will then place the order for you. Once the product arrives at the store, your grocer will contact you so that you can come to pick up your product.

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