Sourdough country bread

Recipes / Accompaniments
  • Preparation : 15 minutes

  • Cooking : 55 minutes

  • Yield :


The recipe

  • Mix the sourdough with the water, add the flours, salt. Knead 4 minutes in first and 4 minutes in 2nd (7 on a stand mixer). Let the dough rise in a warm and humid place (the oven with a bowl of hot water is an ideal place) for 4 hours. Shape the dough into a ball. Heat the oven to 475 ° F with a cast iron pot.

  • When the oven is hot, take out the casserole and put the ball of dough. Cook for 30 minutes with the lid, then 25 minutes without the lid at 430 ° F.

  • Let the bread cool on a wire rack.

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