Our engagements

Our mission

We are influencers in the fields of agriculture and food production, producing and processing simple, healthy and organic foods. Our products are accessible to bakers, manufacturers and anyone who likes to bake.

Our vision

To be one of North America’s leading processors of organic grains and specialties, recognized for our signature, the mastery of our artisans, and the quality of every one of our products.

Our values

Respect : Everyone has the right and the duty to express themselves. Participation : Every member of the team takes part in building our future. Integrity : Every action we take is in keeping with who we are. Responsibility : We take full responsibility for every decision we make.

Our commitments

Without a doubt, our most important commitment at La Milanaise is to advance and expand organic farming techniques. Since the very beginning, the founders have made it their mission to practise a natural and eco-friendly approach to agriculture. Certified organic agriculture is a growing industry in Québec and around the world, thanks to the development of new technologies and producers’ efforts to help one another and share their knowledge.

Our specialized team has been working for a number of years to develop a program to reduce and predict risks in organic agriculture. This program was created in collaboration with Les Moulins de Soulanges (Agriculture Raisonnée™), and allows us to assist a large number of producers in their transition to organic agriculture. We care deeply about the products we create, and we know that quality starts in the fields. It’s that awareness that has driven the La Milanaise team from the very beginning to develop organic production methods at both the local and international levels. This process leads to one of our proudest achievements at La Milanaise: expanding the success of organic agriculture.