As influencers in the field of organic agriculture, we work hard to develop and encourage it. Farmers are among our most important allies in our pursuit of that mission. Milanaise seeks to establish long-term partnerships with farmers.

Growing organic crops is…

More profitable

Compared to other farming techniques, a study has shown that organic producers enjoy higher net margins.

Better for people’s health

Because it is pesticide-free, organic agriculture poses fewer risks to human health.

More eco-friendly

CO2 emissions have a harmful effect on our ecosystems. Organic agriculture is a system of production that has always been sustainable and safe for our environment.

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Our services

Milanaise offers its agricultural partners a range of services adapted to their needs and daily challenges.

Partnership plan

Milanaise is especially interested in establishing long-term business partnerships.

Customized programs to transition to organic farming

Our team of agronomy experts will lend a hand in the planning and implementation of your transition process.

Agronomist support

Our agronomists will support you in your farming processes. Watch our videos to learn more.

Tracking yields and profitability in the field

Our agronomists will help you to prepare an assessment of your crop yields and suggest possible ways to improve them.

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Success stories

Become our partner and ally in our goal of expanding the organic farming sector