Chain of values

The value-chain model

At La Milanaise, we have developed a value-chain approach to our work. This method helps us to remember the importance of every participant in the process. Because we’re looking for partners at every step in the chain, it is essential that we understand their daily reality and the issues they face, and that we work together to offer the best possible products.


Our specialized team of agronomists provides tracking services in the fields. These customized tracking services ensure optimal quality for each year’s crop of organic grains.


With more than 35 years of experience in milling, we have mastered working with many different types of mills, including stone mills, cylinders, and pulverizers. Our millers are trained in these different technologies, and have the latest and most advanced knowledge.

Food manufacturers and artisans

Milanaise offers not only top-quality certified organic products, but also technical support adapted to the needs of each of its partners.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our value chain model. We work hard to ensure that we always provide high-quality products that meet our customers’ expectations.