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Research and Development

Since year 2000, we have undertaken a research and development program as part of a special scientific collaboration with the Food Research and Development Centre of Agriculture and Agrifood Canada. Researches investigate about stone-ground flours quality parameters and implantation of wheat cultivar suitable for bread making in the province of Québec. After a few years of researches, we have now identified certain varieties of wheat grown in Québec that have interesting potential for speciality flours and bakery. Moreover, we observed that some characteristics of wheat grown in Québec make them even more interesting than other varieties grown in the Canadian West.

The implementation of techniques and practices learned through our research program resulted in a change in the origin of the grains bought. We now buy more grains from Canadian East than Canadian West. Here are the proportions of Canadian East grains bought in the last years :

2% en 1999
8% en 2002
42% en 2003
67% en 2004
70% en 2005
75% en 2006

Thanks to our research laboratory which is located directly at our facility, we have developed a better understanding of grains quality.  Moreover, our latest researches concerning flour flavours have leaded to significant impacts on some bakery flours. Presently, we are working to provide you with specific profiles with different varieties of wheat grown in the province of Québec.

Becoming better millers is definitely the major impact of our research and development works!