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Milanaise Quality

Organic agriculture definitely constitutes an approach aiming long-term natural equilibrium of agriculture businesses resources as well as the management of the quality of our farming heritage. Organic production methods yield high value products because they are cultivated without insecticide, pesticide or chemical fertilisers.

Meunerie Milanaise’s organic flours are certified by ECOCERT. This certification guarantees that the raw materials and ingredients bought for the fabrication of our products are rigorously controlled by an independent organism. All the grains we used come from organic farms. Moreover, our production and maintenance techniques are also subject to verifications for conformity.

Exciting growth in the organic sector

Since 25 years, Meunerie Milanaise contributes to the development of the organic sector in the province of Québec.

Here are some interesting facts making Meunerie Milanaise and its founder Robert Beauchemin remarkable pillars of the organic movement in the province of Québec:

  • Production since 1977
  • First certified processing company in 1985
  • Founder member of OCIA international (1985)
  • President of OCIA international (40 000 members in 22 countries) 1992-1996
  • President of IOAS (International Organic Accreditation Services) 1996-1998
  • Member of the Canadian delegation of the Codex Alimentarius Commission 99-02
  • President of “La Filière biologique du Québec” since 3 years
  • Member of “La Filière agroalimentaire du Québec” (representative of regional food processing companies)

Why choose to eat organic ?

First, we are more and more aware that our individual lifestyle and our decisions influence the whole society. The more we choose products coming from agricultural methods respecting the natural cycles and the ecosystem, the more nature will be respected.

Eating organic is being environmental.

Because more and more people notice the effects of “modern” consumption : industrial products made artificially sold through mass marketing by large industrial groups which do not offer proper earnings to the producers.

Eating organic is being citizen.

Most of all, we choose to eat organic because organic products provide real pleasure. The taste of an organic apple, an organic wine, or an organic jam can awake comforting childhood memories. We can appreciate and enjoy again the taste of real flavours!

Eating organic is loving life!

Looking forward to provide you with good food, La Milanaise team